A new world, freshly made

  • 20+ style of yoga under one roof

  • 15+ classes a day

  • Certified yoga teachers

  • Moon-cycle led events and workshops

  • Prakriti-based programming

Retreats at Lifeyoga are not only a retreat into nature, but into the self. Intended to introduce you to you, the replenishment comes from daily rituals and experiences that are steeped in yoga for the body, mind, and soul.

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Our programming is as diverse as the community we cater to 7 days a week from 6am to 9pm, students can pick from15+ classes a day — hatha to ashtanga-style, yin to hot yoga, wall-rope to aerial yoga, and much more.

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Our aim is to make daily practice a reality. Our packages are varied to cater to your lives and routines, diverse as they may be. 

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A silver-lining July

It looks like rain today… and all this month. While Delhi casts moody skies, we welcome you to experiential workshops
and a very special 4-day retreat that promise to be your silver lining, all month long.

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